Fjords, reindeer and northern light sightings

London is truly one of the greatest metropolises in the world, but one of the biggest draws of living in the capital of England is actually everything outside of it. Within a couple of hours by car or train, you can find countless cities, towns and villages that all look like they came from a movie, or have some kind of major role in world events (sometimes both!). So whether you are a history buff or  hiker, England has something for you.




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Looking for some sunshine in the midst of a gloomy British winter, we started scouring Google Flights for warm options close enough to home when we came across £30 flights to the Mediterranean island of Malta in January. We had always wanted to go, and with flights that cheap, there was no way we could turn it down. While peak season is the summer months, it turns out that Malta is absolutely worth a visit in the winter – although not beach weather, there was still plenty of sunshine, comfortable temperatures and smaller crowds.

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